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Café Lazuli
A café near the Fertő, an idyllic atmosphere

The Lapis lazuli, or lazurite is a prescious, deep-blue mineral. A long time ago people referred to lazurite as the stone of kings. The name means blue stone. It has a stress reliever and depression reducer effect. Lapis lazuli helps the immune system to remain healthy and energizes the body too. It balances the gland functions, and affects positively the thyroid gland. Wearing this mineral also reduces blood-pressure and tranqulizes the hearth. The owners of the stone have more self-confidence and have better communication skills too.

These benefits were the reason why we choose it for our name. Even if you just want to chill with a nice slice of a cake or you want to have a meeting, Café Lazuli is the best choice for you.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday8:00 – 16:00

Saturday – Sunday8:00 – 17:00

If you find this pictogram next to our meals on the menu, you could have the dish with a nice hot coffee/hot cocoa/tea and a fruit juice of your choice. If you order this way we will thank you with a 10% discount of the meal’s price.

Why Lazuli?

Four reasons
to visit


Our team loves the highest-quality coffee beans of the Illy company. And you?

Hoffer Confectionary

We have delicious cakes and sweets from Hoffer Confectionary in Sopron. Sweet and fresh every day.

Cafe Nana

We kept the traditional flavors, and the amazing experience, but we changed all the ingredients to healthy alternatives – we don’t use bleached flour, white sugar, and any additional agent.


For You
Busy weekdays with a coffee-to-go or a nice dinner with friends. Café Lazuli can fulfil all of your expectations.

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9437 Hegykő, Alsószer utca 18.
+36 (30) 376 7800

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